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weight loss 1Have you noticed how Jennifer Hudson lost over 80 pounds and has done such a wonderful job of keeping it off? As you may know, losing weight isn’t always easy, and keeping it off can be just as challenging. Hudson was not only successful with losing weight, but she has been able to keep it off for quite some time. If you want to be just as successful as the singing superstar, you can do it with this Jennifer Hudson weight loss advice. Read on to learn more.

First of all, Hudson joined Weight Watchers to begin her weight loss. She did so and become an ambassador for the company in 2010. She continued her journey losing weight and wearing the title until 2014. During that time, she lost over 80 pounds and several sizes. As you likely know, it was not easy, but Hudson says it was due to her being mentally tough.

In order to maintain her healthy weight, the next piece of Jennifer Hudson weight loss advice pertains to portion control. As Hudson got to her goal weight, she continued with her healthy eating. One of the things that has helped her be so successful in the losing and the maintaining has been portion control.

Whether you are eating something where you can easily find the proper portion, or you need to do your research, it is worth it. When you know how much you should eat of a particular item or dish, you can eat less and still enjoy your favorite foods.

Another thing that Hudson did was not let food intimidate her. Even if it was a food that she loved, she did not give in and let the food taunt her. Hudson even admitted to tossing foods that she did not want to put into her body.

She also made sure that foods she craved, but chose not to eat were not in her home or dressing room. This was another way that she was able to stay away from things that were not good for her personally.


In conclusion, just like anyone else who loses weight, it was quite a journey for Jennifer Hudson. The 80 pound weight loss did not happen overnight and it has not always been easy. However, Hudson has been able to find things that work for her and you can, too.